The first compound on the southern coastline is a small military base. You are near the border, remember? It is right next to the city.  The base standards for its Soldiers is bit lower than the ones of the hotels around it….

The next big compound is the Port of Eilat. It is the main way Israel imports its cars from Asia. So you can see the trends and taste of the Israeli drivers here.

The most chilled beach in Eilat.

Mosh Beach on the map.

The best beach in Eilat. RIght next to the the port.  Mosh Beach is designed in a chill out atmosphere, many small tables and pillows, mats, vegetation and relaxing music. There is also a bar and a second-hand shop. The audience is mainly locals and people who came back from India and miss the atmosphere…

What is Mosh you ask? Well, it is the nickname of the owner who is a famous Israeli singer.
-This is  Mosh.
 Get the idea of the beach?

If you look for a quite place to be on your own it is not the place, it is a vert social place, for a quite chill with nature you will have to go closer to the border with Egypt.

Dolphin Reef

On the map.
A compound over a small reef which is surrounded by floating nets in the sea. There are 5 dolphins living in the compound and if you have a childhood dream to swim/snorkel/dive with dolphins, it’s the place to do it. And yea….. it’s not cheap.The beach itself is really nice and sometimes they are hosting parties there which are really awesome because of the special compound.there are also workshops and courses about the dolphins. Dolphin biology and dolphin assisted therapy.


Their website

Almog Beach – Diving and relaxing

Located a 7 Kilometer to the south of Eilat, This is the main point of interest on the southern coastline. Almog in Hebrew means ‘coral’, the coastline all the way to Egypt is full of underwater points of interests for divers.

There are hotels, 24 convenient stores, restaurants and a camping site along this beach, and of course, many diving clubs. Some of my friends when they go to Eilat, they come straight to Almog beach and not even setting a foot in Eilat!

The Nature Reserve of the coral reed

The Nature ReserveOn the map.
the The highlight of the marine life in Eilat, it is the area which is most preserved and untouched. you can snorkel and dive there. Because the corals are in the shallow water close to the beach, the access to the water is in bridges over the corals.

The Underwater Observatory of Eilat

A marine life center with a lot of info on the flora and fauna of the Red Sea. An underwater observatory and many other attractions like shark pools and audio-visual shows. It’s a bit expensive I know,  I suggest you go there and talk to the people to get your personal impression if its worth for you or not. In some of the diving clubs, they will take you here through your diving course as extra educational if you are planning to do a diving course check this option.

A camping site with facilities in Eilat

Located on the southern side of Almog, a campsite with proper showers and toilets. It’s a great alternative for a cheap hostel in the city. It is very close to the beach and the diving sites.

Note that in the summer you might get boiled in your tent once the sun is a bit rising, means after 08:00 it will be really hard to sleep.

Check for more here.

The coastline south of coral beach

The southern beaches are more isolated and abandon. Few diving sites (like “the caves”), you will notice some campers along the way who belongs to people who chose to leave everything behind and leave on the shores of the Red Sea. Some of them live up in the mountains.

Princess Hotel beach

It is one of the best spots to dive and snorkel in Eilat. If you don’t want to spend money on the reserve you can come here to snorkel and dive, it is for free. although because it is nor part of the official reserve, it is less preserved and diverse.