Eilat has some of the country’s most luxuries hotels, But I guess that if you are reading this website you are not going to stay in one of them, right?

The hostels in Eilat, like the whole city, got stuck in the 70’s. There are no modern traveler’s hostels like the Abraham hostel in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. I can recommend my 3 favorite hostels in the city and one camping ground.

A big benefit (or disadvantage) of those 3 hostels is that they are pretty far from the tourist area (25 min walk). It means that they are closer to the locals big supermarkets which are much cheaper than the 24/7 shops of the touristic area. As you get to Eilat, ask where is the nearest big supermarket and buy your stuff for the rest of your stay here.


1.The Shelter Hostel

A small hostel with a big communal yard. it has small rooms with AC and it’s not far from the central bus station. Simple kitchen and showers.

But it’s not what special about this place, the place is owned by messianic Jews and it’s a meeting point forMessianicc Jews and evangelical Christians. So yea, it might be the reason for you why NOT to go there.

But from my experience, it’s a very chilled and interesting place. The hosts are mostly volunteers who are really helpful, the big communal yard is an excellent place to meet interesting people from all over the world. Unlike any party hostel, People who come here for different reasons.

Myself am not religious and not planning to believe in Christ but what is a better place to talk about philosophy and bible than the middle of the desert in this nice green yard? It can be interesting, really! (part of traveling is exploring new ideas and views, right?)

In case you are not into those things and just looking for a simple place to sleep It’s completely ok and no one will force you there to talk or participate in something you don’t want.

Why staying here:

  •  The atmosphere is really good. The yard is cool.
  • They have a storage room for storing things for free.
  • A free coffee and tea spot in the yard.
  • If you want to save few shekels you can sleep in the yard on a mat and a pillow they will give you.
  • The owners did the Israel Trek and are very knowledgeable about the hikes in the area. If you just finished the trek you get 1 night for free.
  • On Fridays, they have a mass and a meal for the guests for free. Again, I recommend you to participate just to experience something different.

2.Corrine Hostel

A small nice hostel with interesting decorations and art. The big advantage of this place – It is just 100 meter from the central bus station. The rooms here are very good, the 6 beds dorms are big and spacious with a lot of space to put your stuff around. Each dorm room has its own private bathroom, fridge, and shower.

This is the hostel with the best rooms and showers from all the hostels mentioned.

The downsides of the place:

  • The kitchen is quite basic.
  • The owners had a lot of bad experiences with people getting drunk and doing some chaos around the hostel. They are very strict about many things and you are not allowed to drink in the hostel, some people say they are grumpy. As long as you don’t take it personally, enjoy the great facility it is for exploring Eilat.

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3.Arava hostel

A basic simple hostel with a kitchen and showers.  a bit more far from the beach. Sometimes I stay here if I feel like changing the atmosphere. The kitchen is better than Corrine, the dorms here are tiny and not a lot of space for your stuff, or even just move in the room.

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Last minute deals:

Sometimes you can get some really good deals on hotels, especially if you are 3-4 people sharing a room. Friends of mine stayed in this cool ocean theme club hotel for a cheaper price than a hostel!

So give it a shot, search for deals. Higher chances during Winter.



Field School camping site.

The big advantage of this place is its location. it is located at Almog beach close to all the dive sites and the better beaches of Eilat. it’s cheaper than a hostel room and they have basic facilities of showers and water taps. It’s 5 minutes walk the Almog beach compound which includes restaurants and 24/7 convenient store.

The advantage of this place compared to sleep in a random place outside, is that you can leave your stuff there inside a tent, come back in the evening and your stuff will probably still be there.

Hard to sleep for long during summer

Sleeping outside in a hot climate in the desert will make you wonder “until what time I can sleep before I’ll get boiled in my sleeping bag”? So when choosing a spot, take into consideration the direction the sun is rising (East yea?), shades and your equipment.

In the summer it can be impossible to sleep after 8:00 (some will say 07:00). So take that into consideration if you are planning to party hard. Winter is ok if you are in a shaded place.

Free Camping

anywhere around the city except the beaches and nature reserve. usually, people go camp in the area next to Princes Hotel. you will see a lot of campers and tents of other people. it’s also close to the beach.
no facilities.