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Read about the baha’i faith background here

Bahá’í World Centre In Israel

Bahá’í World Centre is located in northern Israel. The religion supreme religious and administrative authority is located in the Cities of Haifa and Acre. 

The holiest site fo the Bahá’í is located in Acre.

The Bahá’í garden and compound in Haifa

The compound in Haifa spreads over almost a kilometer on the slopes of the Carmel ridge. The compound was carved into the mountain and is made out of 19 terraces, 19 is a holy number in the Bahá’í faith.

In order to create a complete symmetry in the total appearance of the garden in the city and the surrounding, the municipality of Haifa moved the whole street beneath the gardens by almost 2 meters in order to make the street look as a continues part of the gardens. The gardens contain more than 450 types of plants and there are around 140 gardeners maintaining them.

How Do I visit the Bahá’í Gardens?

  • Remember that it is a religious place. modest clothes are required.
  • bring water.
  • Photography is allowed in the gardens but not inside the shrine.
  • Eating, smoking, chewing a gum or drinking anything but water is not allowed in the gardens.

There are free tours of the gardens every day except Wednesday, no reservation needed. For the exact schedule and details check their website.

Besides the tours, you can visit the upper and middle terrace with the shrine at your own every day except Wednesday until 12 pm.

Remember! The English tour starts at 12:00, so if you want to visit the shrine, you’ll have to get to the shrine before the tour. The entrance to the shrine terrace is from Sderot Hatsiyonut street.

The Bahai garden tour

The tour starts at 45 Yefe Nof Street, and lasts 50 minutes, ending at the main entrance to the gardens on Hatzionut Avenue.  English tour is at 12:00 pm.

To be honest the tours are not so good. you won’t get more info than on this page. The guides are not Bahai so their knowledge on the religion is quite limited.

The only advantage of the tour is that you get to walk through half of the gardens, from the top terrace to the middle one with the shrine. No access to the rest of the buildings.

Note that the tour starts at the upper terrace on Yefe Nof Street and ends at Sderot Hatsyonut street.

If you are short in time, I will recommend going early by yourself to the middle terrace with the shrine and it will be enough.