Going out in Jerusalem – Best Places to Get Your Holy Beer in Jerusalem

Best days to go out in Jerusalem is Thursday and Saturday.

Jerusalem City center is not so big and all of the places to hang out are pretty close to each other.
Most of the tourists end up in those crowded cheap places on Rivlin street which will give you hookah with your beer. Personally, it’s not my style. But if you really want hookah with your beer, go for it!
My favorite places:

The Market

Yes, I’m talking about Machne Yehuda market.  From a colorful noisy marketplace with fresh fruits and vegetables during the day Machne Yehuda becomes a noisy dark place with fresh draught beers and all kind of music around. From Arabic music to Israeli music to latest big hits.
All shops and stall doors which are now closed is painted with amazing colorful graffiti of famous Jewish and Israeli figures.

At night, all the fruits and vegetables turn into a beer.

Visit the BeerBzaar. The place serves only Israeli beers, and many kinds, from the most famous ones to ones only the brewer and his mom knows. some of the beers have funny names like a fat cat or dancing camel. The place to broad your beer education and who knows… you might fall in love.

the market Worth a visit even if you are not planning a night out just to see the big transformation from the day time, the amazing gratifies and the “going out atmosphere” of the market.



The Hidden 20’s style cocktail bar – Gatsby

Located at the corner of a cafe not visible from the street. A big door with no signs. Behind the big door you will find a small room with many bookshelves loaded with old books (Are you German? some really interesting books here). The nice lady will move one of the bookshelves and behind it, you will find a fancy cocktail bar with 20’s style atmosphere and music. one of the unique places to go out in Jerusalem.


Ben Shatakh(בן שטח )street area:

Jerusalem sights: Ultra-Orthodox or hipsters? We will probably never know…

Irish style pubs, mainly sitting around small tables outside enjoying the fine Jerusalem air.

Sira Pub

Just around the corner towards Ben Sira Street you’ll find the infamous
Sira Pub You either like it or not. Built in an old Jerusalem style building a dark small place with alternative weird music.  A hipster kingdom. At Thursdays/Fridays nights you have a DJ and a small but packed dance floor.

On Sundays they have open mic evenings which can be really awesome or really hilarious depends on the people. It’s open for all, even for you. If you will read, improvise something to the mic you will get a shot of arak.

Horkanos (הורקנוס) street area

The most famous pub here is the “record bar” (התקליט-hataklit) if there’s an important football match, Israeli or international they will probably broadcast it here on a big screen on the street and a lot of Jerusalemites will be sitting cheering or swearing around. Inside there is an underground passage to the bar next door which is The Cassette. A tiny dark place with a tiny dance floor. Sometimes with live shows in front of an audience of 5 people because that the max people who can fit there.


Next to it, there’s the Video Bar. The only gay bar in Jerusalem. A unique place in the surrounding atmosphere of Jerusalem. It’s not just for gays, but a getaway place for people who can’t really go out in other places. Here they can feel free and have a beer without the fear of someone seeing them. Good chances you will see here Arabs and ultra-orthodox Jews sitting in one of the corners.

The colorful V indicates what’s inside.
something which is rare in this conservative city.


A small place with great alternative music and live shows. On Thursdays, there is good parties and atmosphere. In case you feel like dancing and want a more alternative place.
Facebook page

-3 Shoshan street



Putin bar

If for some reason you feel uncontrollable desire to be in Russia or to meet Russians, the
at the place to be. Russian music, Russians decoration and pictures, dance floor and … a lot of Russians. Once you inside you can easily forget you are 5 min walk from the old city in Jerusalem. It was named Putin way before he became the bad boy of world politics.

In these days a lot of tourists who come to Jerusalem find it really weird and offensive to find a pub named Putin on the main street.
Definitely a different vibe and atmosphere from the surrounding. It’s not a special place to Jerusalem or unique but it’s just so…different. Go there if you are not planning to visit Russia anytime soon.

Just next to the city hall tram station.


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