Machne Yehuda Market – From A Local Prespective

Machne Yehuda market began in an empty yard in the new Jewish neighborhood of Nachlaot at the beginning of the 19th century. The Arabs from the villages around came here to sell their products and it benefited both sides who didn’t had to go all the way to the old city to sell or buy in the markets there.

The Jewish housewife tried to communicate in Arabic and the Arabs tried to sell in Yiddish.
from just an open yard they started to establish small huts and building and the rest is history.

Machne Yehuda is a food market, mainly fruits, and vegetables. If you are looking for cheap clothes and toys from china go to the markets of the Old City. You can get fresh fruits and vegetable depends on the season and all kind of special species and leaves.

You can read here about the common Israeli food.

On the MAP

 Exploring Machne Yehuda Market:

Market’s map

  • Machne Yehuda (camp of Juda) is the main street of the market (surprising huh?) the locals call it ‘The Open Market‘ because the other parts are covered with plastic roof against the sun and rain.
  • EItz Hachaim Street is called the Roofed Market.
  • Pri Eitz is called the Iraqi Market.


These 3 streets are the main body of the modern Jerusalem market.
On the streets around you will have restaurants and food stalls. From falafel shops to chef restaurants.

The Iraqi Market

Mainly cheap fruits and vegetables. usually cheaper than the rest of the market.

The Iraqi Market.
The Iraqi Market.

Behind it, there is a small court which is really interesting.
It is a last stand of the old school market people and elderly Jerusalemites. Where they meet, hang out, discuss politics and drink.

In this place, there are also some of the market most famous restaurants. It’s a traditional home cooking of Mizrachi Jews. It used to be the place where the market workers used to eat but slowly it got popular and touristic. Don’t let the simple look trick you, the prices are not so cheap but the food is great.
I don’t eat here… my grandma makes it better.

Traditional Cooking.
Traditional Cooking.


Open Market (Machne Yehuda Street)

Mainly fruits and vegetables. There is also a 6 Shekel place if you are visiting in summer and really want ice coffee to chill you.

This delicious poison is everywhere here! watch your step!
This delicious poison is everywhere!
watch your step!

As the day is hotter, it is later in the day and it’s more crowded the shop owners will start shouting weird things, will argue with each other and swear. Sometimes it might look like they are angry or there is a fight about to start but its ok, they are just trying to make their day more interesting. Let’s see how you will act after standing in the heat for 10 hours shouting in this noisy crowded place.

teenage with yellow vests are volunteers to help old ladies carrying their bags.
teenage with yellow vests are volunteers wich help old ladies carrying their bags.


The Roofed Market

The most interesting and diverse part of Machne Yehuda market. This is the part with the higher quality stuff. Higher quality fruits, vegetables, cheese, and bakeries. In the area closer to Agripas Street there are small restaurants. At night this part becomes full with pubs and loud music.

More of the Market atmosphere:


3 places To Eat In The Market:

The best hummus in the universe

Ha-hummus shel Thina is a very special place.the way the serve their hummus is not like any other palce around. if you checked this page you know that there are several ways of serving a hummus plate. they serve a delicious warm hummus covered with a special parsley sauce and many toppings to choose from. In addition, they serve special big thick warm pitta bread which adds to the experience.

the whole place has a hippie chillout atmosphere and you can get a refill to your hummus. they also serve delicious desserts. if you are staying at the Abraham hostel, show them the map you got and they will give you a free treat.

located outside of the market in Nachlaot neighborhood

Special parsley sauce and eggplant topping.
Sabich Aricha
Sabich Aricha

Sabich Aricha

Aricha Sabich is one of the best around. fresh salads with eggplants in the right thickness and the right amount of spices. combined with happy smiley young stuff it became a meeting point for the students of Jerusalem.

-on Agripas Street just in front of the market.




Located a bit outside of the market area.
Injera is a traditional Ethiopian food. It looks like a taboon bread or a kind of flat bread but the big exception is that It is made out of teff which has a completely different taste.

you pour different type of dishes on the injera itself and this is the way it is being served. It is eaten with the hands as you take part of the injera and deep it in one of the dishes above. Most of my friends really love it, some friends can’t stand the smell and the sour taste of the injera. The place serves a dish which is suited for 2 people. If you are alone you should be really hungry or make a new instant friend to go with. Personally, I think that the vegetarian version is more special, diverse and much tastier.




The Market At Night

At night the market changes completely and become something else. In the past, from being the loud, noisy chaotic place it is during the day it became silent and empty e during the night.

Today during the night it becomes in a way even more chaotic as street bars emerging on the tiny alleys. With loud music of all styles. The shop’s doors that are now closed is covered with amazing graffiti of Israeli and Jewish figures. It’s cool to see how the place changes from day to night and I recommend to visit even if you are not planning a night out.

Check the nightlife page.

Beer Bazaar

Beer Bazaar

Check Beer Bazaar. This place serves over 100 Israeli beers. Some of life most pleasant moments is when you get to check new local beers. If you want to go on the Jerusalemite beer check Shapira Beer. I like the Pale Ale.
Unlike other pubs in the market, it is also open during the day.
-At the entrance to the roofed market from Yafo Street.


Some Of Machne Yehuda Graffiti:

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