Top 3 Museums in Jerusalem

1.Israel Museum

The Shrine of the book. the building which holds the some of the most important findings such as the dead sea scrolls. Photo by By Edmund Gall (2014-06 Israel – Jerusalem) via Wikimedia Commons
The biggest and most important Museum in Israel.  The Museum is focusing on archeology and art. And its goal is to show the material culture of the land thousands of years back.

One of the most important findings you could see here is the Dead Sea Scrolls.
You could see also a model of the second Jewish Temple.

On the art section, you have a sculpture garden, paintings, and modern art sections.

The Hebrew version of the LOVE sculpture.
By Robert Indiana, CC-BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 via Wikimedia.


2.Yad Vashem

An original Wagon from the times of te war.
The biggest Holocaust research institute in the world. You might have been in Holocaust museums before but this one is special. It’s more than just numbers and historical facts. It gives you an image to the life of the Jews in Europe before the war, gives you names, faces and recorded interviews. It shows you how this whole world collapsed and disappeared.
You can easily spend here a whole day here and even more, there is so much information and aspects to explore.

The monuments outside of the historical museum

Outside of the historic museum, there are few monuments. have a walk around and see the monuments and the garden around. some of them are really impressive. visit the child’s memorial “Yad layeled”. It’s a big room full of mirrors and in the middle, there are 5 candles. The candles reflect in the mirrors all around you and give you the feeling you are walking in space between stars.

I recommend you to plan 1 hour at the end of the historical museum to walk around the gardens and monuments.

Righteous Among the Nations trees

Each of the trees in Yad Vashem was planned by or in an honor of a person who helped saving Jews during the holocaust.

A special tree is dedicated to the Danish people who as a nation gave an effort of all classes to save the jews and almost the entire Jewish community of Denmark was saved and smuggled to neutral Sweden.

Book recommendation:

If you are interested in the topic and want to read One of the most amazing testimonies I ever read about the Holocaust, read this book.
It is written by Dov Freiberg a survivor of Sobibor Death Camp, a camp where the prisoners manage to organize a revolt and escape to freedom while killing their Nazi guards.

And this is only half of the story, The author than describing the life in the forest and the way they survived in the polish woods and how he joined a partisan gang to survive. later he describes his journey to Israel on the famous boat of Exodus.
this book will really give you the perspective of the daily life of that time, the atmosphere, the thoughts and will really make you appreciate the human spirit.


3.Tower Of David Museum

See the Old City page



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