Where to stay in Jerusalem?

Hostels in Jerusalem

Abraham Hostel

The best Hostel in Jerusalem and one of the first modern backpacker’s hostels in Israel. It was so successful,  it became a chain with Hostels in TLV and Nazareth.

It has a big lounge with Pool table, foosball and a bar which is one of the cheapest in Jerusalem. There is a big chilling area on the roof which is really awesome for summer days.
What is special about this place is that also locals are coming to hang in the bar and the lounge, it gives you great opportunity to meet some of the locals.

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The Hostel is located in a great location. It’s close to the Machne Yehuda market and a big supermarket which means you can get fresh fruits and vegetables for your meals if you are planning to cook something in the big organized kitchen of the Hostel. If you are too lazy to cook it means you can just go eat at the market.


The Post-Hostel

A modern well designed backpackers hostel.

  • Located 5 min walk from the old city.
  • good facilities, big lounge, and bar.
  • 5 min walk from the nightlife area.
  • closer to the Arab markets outside of the old city than Machne Yehuda market.
  • lacking the cool Abraham hostel roof and shuttle options between cities.

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Cinema Hostel Jerusalem

A new modern hostel in the heart of Jerusalem.

Couchsurfing in Jerusalem

Couchsurfing is not quite popular in Jerusalem. it’s not Tel Aviv and most of your host will be students and young people. during the holidays and students exams, it will be harder to find a host.

Camping in Jerusalem

There are no campsites in Jerusalem.
but… there are a lot of forests and Wild areas. if you have a sleeping bag and a tent and you can find a hidden spot…

  • Lifta– good chance that already some people live there
  • Jerusalem forest- the forest area around mount Herzl
  • Valley of the Cross.
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