Beaches of Tel Aviv

The beach is a big part of the culture in Tel Aviv, especially in summer. It is where people hang with friends, take walks, hitting on girls, taking those girls to dates, do sport, taking their dogs to dates, watching sunsets…actually, they do everything on the beach.

Just a random weekend in the summer.

Official Bathing season

At the season, there will be lifeguards and other services along the beaches.

First prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion used to practice yoga on the beach of TLV.
  • The season: May-October
  • Activity hours: 7AM-5PM and in July/August is until 7 PM

Off season there are 4 beaches which operate with lifeguards:

  • Gordon
  • Bugrashov
  • Tzuk
  • Religious

The lifeguard is the guy who obviously spends too much time in the sun. During the high season in summer, you will hear him yelling through the speakers a lot, usually at kids trying to drown, kids getting lost and so…

what if I want to bath offseason or not in the operating hours?

just do it. nobody really cares.


Main Beach of Tel Aviv

Main beaches are between Yafo port and the Marina next to Hilton beach. This is where most of the people of Tel Aviv and the area go to see and be seen. The beaches in this area have a breakwater. If it is good or bad, it depends on who you ask.

What do people do at the beach?

Want to get the atmosphere? watch the opening of the Holywood movie ” You don’t mess with the Zohan”:

Cool right?
But actually, this scene has nothing to do with Israel nor Tel Aviv.
Disco is not a big thing in Israel, we don’t have this fizi drink, and people don’t play those beach games… But the hot models are Israeli!
It is some virtual reality in some American director mind or something, god knows why they chose to invent “Israeli” stuff.
Oh, and the song in the clip is also Israeli.

So what people do on the beach?


A popular Israeli beach game. what is the point of this game? there isn’t, just hit the ball as many time without dropping it to the ground. The rackets looks like a big wooden table tennis racket, the ball is made out of rubber and it can be played by more than 2 persons. What if the ball hits the ground?
Nothing, just start again. read more here.

A thrilling game of Matkot. What are those green and yellow bags in the back? keep reading…



As mentioned above, the beach is a huge part of the culture in Tel Aviv, especially on the weekends when it can be really crowded. Many people come to the beach just to chill and get tanned.

Getting slowly popular around is the LayBag. It is a cool product which can make your travels much more epic. It is an inflatable bag which weight only 1.2 Kilogram and you can carry it with you to anywhere. To the beach, great outdoors or just a balcony. best part? no pump is needed! just a few moves and it is filled with air.

Chilling with style…

Watch the video on their website.
Just make sure to practice filling it with air before you are taking it outside.

Asking yourself what are those cool sunshades?

Otentik sunshades.


It is an Israeli company which came with this simple but great idea for shading solution on the beach. it became an instant hit in Israel. check their video. You can get it here: Otentik Beach sun-shade

Otentik Beach sun-shade

Playing Volleyball

Volleyball nets are spread all over the main beach strip. On Gordon beach south of the marina there is a big concentration of volleyball nets. The place has some big projectors lighting the place through the night so you won’t have to stop playing while the sun is off.

Sport Facilities

Along the beach, there are few places with body weight machines. if you are in good shape it will be just too easy for you. But hey, there is always the pull-up bar.

Body-weight machines and the good old pull-up bar.

Bicycle Trail

There is a promenade with a cycling trail all along the whole coastline of Tel Aviv. You can rent a Tel-O-fun bike ( Bike sharing system) and use this trail to move around the city and leave the bike in the next Tel-o-fun station. Most of the time it will be faster to move around using this road. cycle west to the beach, move north or south to the area you need, cycle east back inside the concrete jungle to the exact spot you need to get to.

A cycling trail all the way from Jaffa all the way to Herzeliya.

Special beaches:

  • Tel Aviv gay beach – Hilton Beach is known for 2 things, the surf point of TLV, and as the gay community gathering place.
  • Religious separate beach – a beach for religious people with separate hours and days for men and woman. located beneath the Atzmaut Garden.
    The religious beach. it is surrounded by a wooden wall so the people inside will have some privacy.
    problem is that there is an official viewpoint right above it…


  • Yafo Givat Aliya Beach- The main beach of Yafo. It is the most southern beach of Yafo, next to the Midron Park. This beach was designed in a ‘middle eastern style’ with arc structures. This beach is used mainly by the Arab residents of Yafo and its hipsters, it can create interesting and funny sights. The beach is also less crowded than the main beach strip.


Tel Aviv Marina

If you want to rent any water sports gear, you can get it here. there is even a small diving club.
this place also has an international border control checkpoint in case you decided to sail to Tel Aviv.
located here.

Tel Aviv Marina

Dolphinarium Discotheque Memorial

In 2001 a suicide bomber explodes himself in a nightclub for teenagers in one of the toughest events of the second intifada. It is one of the events which led to the big military operation which changed the situation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Many Tourists who passed by this small memorial are not aware to what it symbols.

A reminder of the political situation even in this beach vacation atmosphere.

Located here.

“We will never stop dancing”.

Oh, and don’t forget to get one of these sunshades. It will upgrade your beach vacation not only in Israel but in the entire world…
Trust me I have friends who live in this beach town for their whole life.

Otentik Beach sun-shade

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