Tel Aviv is not famous for its markets, but actually, it has some really good markets.


Ha-Carmel Market

on the map.

The market was established by Jews who fled from Russia after the October revolution in 1917. Today it is the biggest market of Tel Aviv area.

It is mainly a food market but also has stalls with the cheap chines clothes and toys you always wanted.

A special place to eat here is called Hummus Ha-Carmel or Hummus Magen David (Star of David).  it is a hummus place in what used to be a synagogue. inside you will see synagogue books, decorations, symbols and blessings. It is also the cheapest hummus around. quality as the price.

Yafo Flea Market

Active all week but on Friday is when the market is most active and diverse. On Olei Zion street (map) you can find some really interesting shops:

Palestina-Eretz Israel 

The name of the shop it’s how the country used to be called before the establishing the modern state of Israel. The shop owner says nothing in his shop was produced after 1948. You can find here all kind of antiques from old British military gear, old coins, posters and much more.
The owner is a funny knowledgeable guy.

On the map

The sign on the bike say:

It is not the most beautiful or rarest bike in the world, but it is my only vehicle more than half of my years since (1985) so please don’t touch. it is still need to carry me home this evening. It is also not for sale.
If you are insisting because they thought you that everything has price so first, congrats on your mother profession. But please don’t bother me (My mom was a decent lady and didn’t raised us on this ugly cliche. (In an easy language: don’t ***** my brain)

The Persians carpet shops

Most of the carpet shops owned by Jews who moved to Israel from Iran. You could hear them chatting in Farsi and asked them about life in Iran and the politics there. On Olei Zion Street.

Levinski Market

On the map.

It is a less touristic than Ha-Carmel market and also much smaller one. Some people will say the quality of the goods here is better, but its just because they are hipsters.

The surrounding streets are filled with homemade family restaurants with a specialty on food by Jewish communities from all over the world.