Tel Aviv Theatre and Museums

If you are too lazy to go and visit all of this it is ok.
you can just go to the beach again.

Shows and Theater:

Na Laga’at (Please touch) Center

Did you ever wonder how to be blind is? To walk around and sense the world without the basic thing we take as granted, seeing. This cultural center was established to try and let you experience some of it. As they are stating on their website

“Nalaga’at Theater was established in 2002 by Adina Tal and Eran Gur, aiming to integrate deaf-blind people in the society, promote their needs and aspirations and to give them an opportunity for self-expression and realization of their most fundamental right – to contribute to society”.  The place has a restaurant which is operating in a complete darkness and All the waitress are blind people.

There is also a theater with blind and deaf people. for more info check here.


It is a world famous band which started its way here in Yafo. It is kind hard to describe what their show is, it is a combination of dance, drumming (mostly on trash cans and buckets), music and comedy. Check their page to get more info.
they used to have a theater in Old Jaffa but now they perform all over the country.

get a sample:



Museum of the Jewish People

A museum which set as a goal to present 4000 years of Jewish history. With focusing on the Jewish communities who scattered around the world. Each community with each specific characters, folk stories, songs and so.

  • You can see the page of communities.
  • Page of Jewish family names– want to know why a lot of them sound German? How can you tell if someone is a descender of people who were expelled from Spain? What is the meaning of Cohen?

Musem of Art

Personally, I know nothing about art, but I know what I like. I was in the museum couple of times and I saw a lot of art. I guess on their page they will be able to explain what is going on there better than me.

Israel Defence Force History Museum

In Hebrew, the place is called “Batey Ha-osef” (בתי האוסף) which means collection house. Unlike its name, the place is very interesting not because of the historical side, but because of the special exhibits, you can see there. It has a collection of all the guns that were used by the IDF and the Jewish undergrounds before the establishing of the state. Some of the exhibits are very rare and have special stories. There are also prototypes of guns manufactured in Israel which never been on a large scale production and more. if you like guns history this is the place for you.

The place doesn’t have a website. You can see some of the exhibits here.

located next to Hatachana compound at Koyfman Street.

Opening hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday 08:30-15:30
  • cost 15 ILS


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