American-German colony

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In 1866 a group of devoted Christians from the United States came to settle in the land. They couldn’t get an

approval for buying land so they established a camp in a field next to Yafo. The conditions were hard and dieses started to spread and a lot of them died. They managed to register a piece of land on a local and they established their small colony.

All the building were made out of wood they brought with them from the US and the building were in an American style cottage.  They still had a lot of bureaucracy problems, lack of proper farmland and personal conflicts in the community. After only 2 years they left the place and moved back to the US and some moved to Jerusalem.

Later the place was bought by some of the German Templars who also settled in the area. They developed it and it became a known touristic spot for the travelers of that time. Most of the pilgrims who came to the holy land stayed in the Jerusalem hotel of the colony.

In WW2 the British government expelled all the Germans from the colonies across the country.

Today an American couple from the state of Maine renovate the main building of the town and made the bottom floor a museum for visitors. it is nice to see the building from the inside and there is a short movie on the history of the place.

Neve Tzedek

A graffiti of the founders of the neighborhood.

Established in 1887, the first Jewish neighborhood that was built outside of the walls of  Yafo. Yea, until that year 

Yafo used to have a wall. With the time, Yafo became really crowded and people wanted to expand the city. Many famous Israeli figures lived in the neighborhood, the painter Nachum Gutman, the noble prize winner Shmuel Agnon and more.

In the 1960’s a lot of new Jewish immigrants settled in the neighborhood and it became a poor neglected place.

From the 1980’s the place has been through a lot of renovation and today it is a fancy cool place. The neighborhood is built an old style with 2-3 story buildings and small alleys.

Most special and beautiful place is the Suzanne Dellal center for dance and theatre. Even if you are not planning to watch a show. Go there just to see the buildings and the court. on the map

Don’t worry, its not far from the beach. you can have a peak, mark a V and go back quickly to work on your tan.

Best Sunset View Points in Tel Aviv

The Breakwater -Just swim to one of those. If you are not a good swimmer the one in front of the American embassy and Mikes Place restaurant. It is easier to reach and the water there are shallower and you can do more than half of the way by walking.

If you’ll manage to get your beers over there even better. You can sit on the other side and look to the open sea without the breakwater itself damaging the view.

And of course it’s a great place to watch the sunset.

The Light House of The Marina – Let you experience the sitting on the breakwater feeling but without the need to get yourself wet.
located on the beach (of course) where Ben Gurion road meet the beach.

Independence (Ha-Atzmaout) Garden -An elevated small park which over look on the small marina and the beach. Also a great spot for sunset/reading a book.

Some say at the evenings it is a LGBT meeting point.

Located north of the Hilton Tel Aviv hotel near the beach.

 The view of Tel Aviv from Jaffa – The coastline curves in almost 90 degrees when it approaches Jaffa. Jaffa is taller than Tel Aviv so you can get some nice views on the city. Not ideal for sunsets because you are looking north and not west.

Bialik Square

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A tiny square where the old city hall used to be and where Bialik house is. Who is Bialik you ask?
Bialik was a poet and one of the first pioneers in Modern Hebrew poetry. He also took part in a committee of inventing new words for the language, the word camera (מצלמה) for example, in the bible they didn’t had cameras you know…
on his funeral in 1934 15% of the Jews in the land attended his funeral.

The square is a nice scenic place and Bialik house is a museum.