Night life of Tel Aviv

Main areas:

  • Dizengoff Street – Mainly small pubs with long tables on the street. Those places are really crowded and personally, I don’t like them. Only if you stay close and want to have a drink and too lazy to walk.
  • The beach – For some reason, there are no beach parties in Tel Aviv on regular basis. The beach is mainly sitting, chilling, sometimes with a hookah. If you want to enjoy the view of the sea and hear the waves combine with the music.

There is no actual favorite for now. It is all the same for me and I dislike the Dizengoff bars. Best places are located here:

Alenbi street and Rothschild Boulevard

Rothchild – Main nightlife area, from the known “Irish bars” to fancy kiosks and restaurants. Even just go along the boulevard at night and feeling the vibe is fun.

Allenby – mainly small pubs and some night clubs.

My favorite:

Kuli Alma

– On the map.
It is not on Rothschild Boulevard and it is one of the weirdest bars/clubs I ever been too. It is a compound which includes an open roof bar with vintage style, Art Gallery, a second-hand shop, a roofed bar with a dance floor, a small kiosk and probably more stuff which I forgot. Combine it all with surrealistic art and you get a special place.


– On the map.
A big dancing bar with an art exhibition, which changes every now, and then. The place displays a large collection of dolls in a glass-fronted display cabinet. Which is funny and cool.

Sputnik bar 

-On the map.
The entrance is quite hard to spot, note the passage between the buildings marked with a red light. the place is an artistic, urban, underground place with a Soviet theme all over the place. Yes, it sounds weird and it is weird, but that’s what makes the place so interesting. The place has a dancing floor with a Dj and a few chill out areas.

The hidden entrance –
The passage with the red light marks the entrance to the Sputnik.
Hudna Bar.


Florentine Area

More of the underground part of Tel Aviv nightlife. mainly small alternative quite bars. All over Florentine and Chaim Vital streets.

Usually, bars here will be cheaper than the rest of the city. The streets around are full of graffiti and street art. The area has a different atmosphere than the city center.

  • My favorite:
    Hudna bar on Abarbanel Street 13.  Hudna means truce in Arabic. the place is the most chilled layout place in Tel Aviv. basically, it’s just chairs and bar on both sides of a small street.


In Tel Aviv’s nightlife, even the street cats are having parties!
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