remember! Jewish holiday goes along the Jewish calendar, it is usually happening around March. Check here.
just to be accurate, it is not carnival as it is understood in the Christian world and not originating from the same source.


What is actually Purim about?

Why wearing costumes in Purim?

Some say because everything turned upside down towards the end and everything changed at the last moment, so we also need to change therefore we wear costumes. Other people say it because in the whole book of Esther God is not mentioned even once. God is hidden despite all the coincidences that it’s happening so the best like God is disguised.

Anyway, bottom line means that there are a lot of street parties with people with costumes. According to the Jewish scriptures, you should drink until you can’t tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy in the story. Even the Ultra-Orthodox Jews are getting drunk!


The best place to celebrate Purim is in Jerusalem

The best place to experience the holiday in my opinion, is in Jerusalem. Where in Jerusalem? in the scenic neighborhood of Nachlaot. The small streets and small alleys become a huge street party with a different kind of music in each alley, full with students and beautiful people. The crazy atmosphere with the combination of the small alleys create some surreal sights and experiences.