What is Yom Kippur about?

Holiest day for the religious, Bicycle day for the seculars

But what is the most special about this day is that the majority of the secular people keep the “you shall not light a fire” command, something they don’t do on other holidays (in Jewish holidays you are not supposed to work or light fire). So yes people don’t make campfires, but it also means that they are not driving cars (by using a car you are burning fuel)

It what means that the streets and even highways will be empty from cars. The religious people will be fasting and spend their whole day at the synagogues.

A lot of secular people took the opportunity of this day to make it……………..
The bicycle day!

Imagine a day in your country with no cars on the roads. in the big more secular cities, you will see people cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding and more. Many people like this day, For the religious ones, it is the holiest day of the year, For the secular, it’s a big adventure and a big social event.

Environmental day

I heard some environmentalists say that in the west people trying for years to make a day with no cars to rise awareness of the cars CO2 emissions….. Well in Israel we manage to do that. For other reasons.

Yom Kippur will happen usually around September.
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